Is youth culture really getting killed by the experience economy?

Ask yourself what came first: one became rootless (if you hear the song in your head now, I’m really sorry) because of disconnected boredom or did suddenly the experience economy emerge and did create a market out of thin air for the people to become rootless?

The experience economy encourages us to give up and try somewhere else as soon as we get bored. We flit from club to club, following the most exciting booking, and change pubs every Friday based on which one Time Out says is best for us this week. (…) What do you do in your spare time? “Things. I experience things.” (…) In constantly lionising the different and the new, we start to neglect the importance of investment and consistency. Subcultures, scenes, identities and communities aren’t built over the space of an evening.

The Vice article is perfect clickbait for people who are thankful for years of being part of a subculture or a club scene. The answer on how to invest and build against rootless or disconnected boredom is not to be found there. You’ll know in a few years when you try though.