∞ Sexual harassment in dance music: five women tell their story

By the time we get into town he [the promoter] keeps talking about what a good time I am going to have, and you just want to say, ‘Look, I’m here to work, mate’, and then he starts asking personal questions like if I am married and all that, and you are like, ‘Oh lord, he we go!’ So the first direct proposition is in the car. A really shit one too, like ‘How about it?’ and waggling eyebrows like he’s 15 or something. So you just laugh it off. What else can you do? This is the person who is supposed to be paying you, your ‘employer’.

If you’re a man, read until the very end – espescially when you’re involved in the scene.

Link: https://djmag.com/content/sexual-harassment-dance-music-five-women-tell-their-story