I’m from Leipzig, Germany and I’m running an independent bass music label called Defrostatica Records while working as a digital strategist at a web agency.

Blogging is, for me, part of the process of getting to the truth. Everything is provisional — it’s what I think now, and I might change my mind in a year. Or in a day. Or in a minute, when somebody posts (or tweets) more or better information or has a solid argument. The fun part is documentating all this. It’s learning-out-loud.

Brent Simmons wrote this in his remarkable post How to Be Wrong on the Internet.

Learning-out-loud seems like an appropriate motto for this blog on the complex topic of music between passion, business and technology in the digital age.

Linkposts marked with ∞ as prefix are basically article bookmarks, which I find worth reading.

Otherwise I write blog posts about digital strategies for the cultural context minded, be it music and distribution or writing and publishing.

You can mail me, write to robert at handrow point de.

– Robert Handrow